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By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles

The leader of the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna and Convener of the Sinhala Parliamentarians Group expressed amazement that they have not received any response from the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for almost one month to their complaint that he had allowed the violation of monetary and banking act by allowing the function of the Eelam Bank. ††††††

Dinesh Gunawardane the convener of the Sinhala MPís Group in a statement to this correspondent said one month had elapsed since their complaint to the Governor of the Central Bank but he failed to take any action regarding this illegal act. ††††††

When this issue was raised in the Parliament, Finance Minister K. Nariman Choksy said he was unaware such complaints were made to the Governor of the Central Bank. ††††††

The Sinhala Group of Parliamentarians led by Dinesh Gunawardane, August 1, met the Governor of Central Bank A.S.Jayawardena and handed over a letter of protest demanding an inquiry and immediate action by him as the Governor of the Central Bank and as the Chairman of the Monetary Board of Sri Lanka for allowing an Eelam Bank to operate in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. ††††††

The Sinhala Parliamentarians ,when they met the Governor A.S.Jayawardena, in the Central Bank, pointed out the illegal Eelam Bank was violating the monetary and banking act. The Members of Parliament said since the custodian of the act was the monetary board they were responsible to put an immediate stop to the illegal act. ††††††

The MPís pointed out that this illegal bank operated at the behest of the terrorist group LTTE caused a damaging effect to the economy of Sri Lanka. ††††††

The MPís submitted photocopies of advertisements published in newspapers to recruit employees to what they called an illegal bank. †††††

†Dinesh Gunawardane, Mahipala Herath, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Pandu Bandaranaike and S.A.R. Maddumabandara, the parliamentarians who met the Governor in delegation, signed the letter of protest and demand for the inquiry. ††††††

The Governor†promised an inquiry but up to this date had expressed no response, Dinesh Gunawardane, said. †††††

†The parliamentarians said illegal taxes imposed on the people should be immediately stopped. †††††

†But Finance Minister Nariman Choksy, when the JVP Member of Parliament Sunil Hadunneththi raised the issue in the parliament, said he did not have any evidence of any tax collected by the LTTE. ††††

But Handunneththi immediately pointed out that even cabinet Ministers like Milinda Moragoda and Rauf Hakeem had accepted that the LTTE was collecting taxes. ††††

When JVPís Wimal Weerawansa asked Finance Minister Nariman Choksy whether he was ready to take action if documentary evidence was submitted to prove that the LTTE was collecting taxes he replied in the affirmative.††(EOM).

(02/08/30 go2lanka.com)