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By Walter Jayawardhana reporting from Los Angeles

In their latest expansion of power in running a parallel government with Colombo the rebel group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) announced the extension of the jurisdiction of the ‘Tamil Eelam Police’ to the country’s Eastern Province in the coming few weeks.       

Despite the direct talks conducted in Thailand with the government of Ranil Wickremesinghe, the purported Inspector General of Police of the “Tamil Eelam”, P. Nadesan announced that he would be opening up police stations in areas under their control in the Eastern Province in the coming few weeks as a challenge to the police stations run by the government of Sri Lanka.     

   Under the new power and respectability the terrorist group has gained under the Memorandum of Understanding reached with the government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe the separatist terrorists also known as the Tamil Tigers are already running 17 “Tamil Eelam police stations” in four divisions of the rebel dominated Wanni in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.     

    The Eelam Police Chief made a statement to the BBC’s Sinhala service and said their police services would be extended to the Eastern Province for the first time within the next few weeks.       

He said the Northern province Police stations were functioning well and were investigating into an average of 25 complaints from the public a day.        Meanwhile security reports from Eastern Province claimed that LTTE cadres clad in civil clothes in an act of provocation shouted in obscene language in Tamil and jeered at the Sri Lanka Police personnel guarding the Telecommunication institute on Sagama Road, Akkaraipattu September 19 around 11 p.m.       

Two hours later around 1 a.m. early in the morning on the following day the same group showed up and shouted in Sinhalese obscene language     

   They reportedly said they were able to provide police security to the area and there was no need for the Sri Lanka police to be there. The report said, “However, the police personnel had not reacted to these remarks and showed restraint.”      

  The Eelam Police Chief said they were also patrolling the A9 highway in the North for speeding motorists. Already 27 cases had been filed against law breaking motorists, he said.     

  Speaking about the Madu area murder case Nadesan said they were holding the main suspect in the case in a remand jail and the bus used in the murder in the custody of the Eelam Police because the crime was committed in the jurisdiction of the Eelam police. They had refused to hand over the suspect to the Sri Lanka Police. He said the suspect would be prosecuted in the Eelam Courts for the murder.      

  BBC’s Frances Harrison recently reported the Eelam Police as a force enforcing law in a “would be state of Tamil Eelam”, a putative state to be carved out of Sri Lanka.     

   Harrison reported,  “The Tamil Tigers have all the trappings of a nationhood without a nation.  The symbols of power are the latest weapon in their battle for recognition which they hope will result from the peace talks.”  (EOM)

(02/09/24 go2lanka.com)